Sunday, May 6, 2012

13.1 miles...WHAT?!

So the mini marathon was this weekend and I'm still in shock that I actually ran it. I've been a runner for a decade now, but as much as I enjoy my long runs 13.1 and 26.2 certainly were NOT on my bucket list.

"This sounded like a good idea...SIX MONTHS AGO!" I saw a few runners with this saying on the back of their shirts during the race and I thought, "EXACTLY!!!!!! What did I get myself into this time?!" Ofcourse this was after mile 10. The words "Are you kidding me?!" and "WHY?!" ran through my head quite a few times. It was definitely an adventure to say the least.

My friend Carilynn drove up from Kentucky to run the race with me. As soon as she arrived around 8 p.m. Friday night we went to Olive Garden for pasta.
We were up before 5 a.m. Saturday morning and out the door by 5:30 a.m. We definitely got there with plenty of time to spare! It seemed like we just stood around forever. Especially after 6:45 when we were all supposed to be in our corrals. Is it just me or are they confusing us with cattle?! Or maybe I've just been in agriculture too long. LOL

It's almost 7:30 and time to start...for the Kenyans anyways. Beach balls start flying and some folks start to get serious. The gun goes off and there are fireworks....AND then we're still standing there for quite a while. It took about 26 minutes to get to the starting line.

Did I mention it was already pretty warm and HUMID by the start of the race?! For a West Coast gal, the humidity ended up being more than I could handle.

The first 6 miles were great. Felt pretty good. Was drenched in sweat after about a mile...thank you humidity. Once we got to the speedway, it started getting harder. The track is 2.5 miles around so we were on there for a while.

I stopped at every water/gatorade station I could after mile 3 to keep from getting dehydrated, but apparently it didn't work as well as I would have liked. I got heat stroke after a run in 2008 and it almost happened again during the race...twice. Luckily, this time I knew what it felt like so I knew when I needed to take it easy before I collapse. Needless to say my time wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wasn't thrilled with that, but atleast I finished and I'm alive!! (Always a good thing)

Fast forward to the last mile. Just when I'd planned to really start sprinting and salvage what I could of my not-so-great time, my body plays another trick on me. My right calf started cramping up with half a mile to go. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Seriously, so painful. The first two times I stopped to stretch it out. The last time was 50 feet from the finish and there was no way I was stopping. So I was half sprinting half limping and muttering some words I can't repeat on here under my breath. Classy I know. I'm sure I was pretty entertaining to everyone watching me, but I wasn't amused.

Crossing the finish line was great, but I was tired and kind of mad that I wasn't able to get anywhere near the time I wanted. After getting my finisher's medal and banana I headed to the chocolate milk booth. My co-workers were there handing out milk with some of the great guys at Prairie Farms. I was pretty out of it by that point and felt like passing out (thanks again to the heat and humidity!).

Wish I had a better outcome, but I guess it does make for a pretty entertaining story. I'm starting to see the humor in it today. Yesterday I definitely was NOT laughing.

My training prepared me for almost everything, but nothing could prepare me for the humidity that decided to reappear this past week. I guess the lesson here is no matter how much you plan, you still cannot control the weather. Thanks Indiana, haha.

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