Saturday, May 5, 2012


The national meeting of the American Dairy Science Association was held in Montreal, Canada in 2009. We had a blast touring Quebec dairies, taking a river boat cruise on the St. Lawrence River (despite the rain) and taking in all that the meeting had to offer. It ended on a very exciting note for me!! 

Wazzu girls at the dairy...the all purple wasn't planned. Atleast it wasn't Husky purple!

Sightseeing in Montreal

Exploring Montreal

Just our luck. It rained the ENTIRE day of our river boat cruise and we were SOAKED. Still had a great time though.

That wasn't the only fun part of the meeting. This is from the Udderly Ultimately Quiz Bowl competition, which is an annual tradition featuring outgoing national officers vs. the professional board of directors and is held during the awards banquet. It was awesome!

Some of the other activities included: research paper presentations, a career symposium, quiz bowl competition, business meetings, student mixers and more. ADSA is amazing...there really is no other way to say it!

A few of the outgoing national officers. We had an amazing group!!!! Again, the matching was not planned.

I screamed when Molly told me I was the new national president. Poor Travis probably wished he wasn't sitting next to me! Apparently I was the only one that didn't see that coming...but I was THRILLED! Actually, that's an understatement. It was an amazing year...more on that later!

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