Sunday, June 15, 2014

How are you celebrating June Dairy Month?

June Dairy Month is half over, how have you been celebrating?

I love cows with awesome personalities, like this red Holstein

I started the month with a two-day farm tour in Ohio with the Indiana Dairy Producers group. I love these tours. Dairy farmers are some of the most awesome people I know, and these tours are excellent opportunities to catch up with industry colleagues and friends, as well as meet new people and learn something. Every farm is unique and it’s always fun and interesting to see how different people do things.

Our little helper helping us feed calves
Farms are especially busy this time of year, especially if they also have crops.  Due to the excessive rain in some areas, a lot of farmers are replanting portions of their corn and/or soybeans. It’s also hay season, which is very time consuming. Add in spraying and your usual daily dairy chores and so much for free time. For that reason, unless you know a farmer or are able to attend an organize farm tour, it may be more difficult to tour a farm. Luckily, social media allows farmers to bring the farm to you and share their stories and of course, pictures of cows.

While you may not be able to get out onto the farm (if you can, go for it! Ask questions and learn a lot), you can definitely enjoy your favorite dairy products. Chocolate milk and ice cream are my favorites. Remember, everything in moderation. Chocolate milk is especially good after running, but also makes a good grab-and-go breakfast on the way to work or mid-afternoon snack.

Going out for ice cream is always a good way to end the day. I found a new favorite ice cream place this year and summer (and any dairy related month) is a great reason to go there all the time.

Happy June Dairy Month!

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