Friday, July 4, 2014

Chill out with ice cream this 4th of July

June Dairy Month may officially be over, but the fun continues as we celebrate July Ice Cream Month!

I met up with my friend Caitlin the other night for dinner and of course, we had to go get ice cream after. Caitlin and I met when we were both dairy princesses almost 10 years ago and also went to college at WSU together. It's always great to see her! Since I moved to Indiana, these dairy princess reunions are few and far between, but they are always awesome.

Seattle broke a record for the hottest July 1st on record that day. It was HOT. Another reason ice cream was necessary.

It was also fun hanging out on the board walk and around the lake near the Capitol.

For some videos on how to make your own ice cream, put together an ice cream cake and make ice cream-filled cupcakes, check out last year's July Ice Cream Month blog post.

These are perfect for your 4th of July celebrations and are sure to be family favorites. We are celebrating on Saturday and will definitely have ice cream cake for dessert. It's the best.

This July, celebrate like the dairy princesses do, with a scoop (or two) of ice cream. Enjoy!!

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