Friday, July 11, 2014

Cow appreciation day and an ice cream social

Our lunchtime adventure to see cows
Did you know today is cow appreciation day? So, it's only fitting to celebrate with an ice cream social, hang out with cows and post some photos of my cows.

I mentioned to a few coworkers that I was going to get ice cream and see cows at lunch. I work downtown so this is not an opportunity that's usually within walking distance. "Cows? You are always going to see cows." Apparently they know me fairly well. Cows tend to make everything better. While every day is a good day to appreciate these sweet creatures, today was an added excuse to venture out of the office and talk about cows.

Cows work hard every day. They are also treated like queens everyday. After all, cows must be well taken care of or they will not be as healthy or productive as they could be and not reach their full potential.

While some of us have the opportunity to go hug a cow today (or everyday), enjoying your favorite ice cream, milk or cheese is another good way to show your appreciation. It's also still ice cream month, as if we need another reason to celebrate! Mom laughs when I tell her we've been celebrating ice cream month since March. 

I haven't heard that this is just dairy cow appreciation day, so I'd be in trouble if I didn't mention how awesome beef cows are too. Especially since my brother raises them. So, add a juicy steak to the list of delicious foods to enjoy today.

What do you love about cows? Would love to hear how everyone else celebrated today!
Our beef steers wanted to eat my camera...I'm not sure it would taste as good as the grass or hay.

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