Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 Indiana State Fair

Scenes from the 2014 Indiana State Fair...

Since I've spent a majority of my work life out at the fair over the past two weeks, I thought I'd share some of those sights with all of you from around the fairgrounds.

Opening ceremony in the renovated coliseum 
Nothing says state fair quite like a country concert.
Lots and lots of tractors. Most (if not all) of these tractors incorporate a lot of technology to help farmers farm smarter and more efficiently.
Soybeans! One of Indiana's top crops. I have to admit I didn't know what soybeans looked like until I moved to Indiana. We definitely don't have those out in our great Evergreen State.
The Glass Barn provides many hands-on activities to learn about farming (soybeans, livestock and more!).
The Glass Barn also features a live chat with a farmer (from the farm) three times a day.
While I can't technically play favorites when it comes to species of livestock, I certainly have my favorites. Hanging out with the show cows (and awesome friends) in the dairy barn brought back a lot of great memories from my own state fair 4-H days at the Puyallup Fair each September.
4-H dairy show
Where else can non-farm folks bottle feed a calf and see a live milking demonstration? It doesn't get much more 'hands on' when it comes to learning about dairy farming (besides, of course, working a day at the farm).
Talking about dairy cows with Indiana's Lt. Governor in the cattle barn. 
We doubled (nearly tripled) attendance at my livestock luncheon and recognized five families for recently completing their certification.

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