Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 20 years ago...

I always wanted to be a princess of some type...

I found this gem when I was going through some photo albums Mom put together from our childhoods.

I love this picture. Besides for being one of the very few times I've ever worn red lipstick (red is NOT my color...), it's also one of the few times I'm not smiling. Dad had taken probably 20 photos of us before we went trick or treating at this point and I was annoyed. My brother, however, was obviously entertained.

And now I'm entertained too. Ha.

Have fun with your Halloween adventures tonight and don't forget to include dairy in some way. If you are like my family, perhaps someone will dress up like a cow or a Dairy Princess :-)


  1. Priceless! We had snow last night which made trick or treating interesting!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, the snow does make it a bit more interesting. Hope you all had fun!