Friday, October 3, 2014

My visit to a deer farm

Another fun aspect of my job: getting to visit all types of livestock farms. Today, my livestock adventures took me to a white tailed deer farm. The farm is involved in one of the programs I manage and is very unique compared to my other dairy, beef, swine and poultry farms.

My first question for the farmer was, "How do you keep the deer from getting out and wild deer from getting in?" Very tall fences. About eight feet tall to be exact. I also learned that things such as dogs barking at them from outside the fence can really stress them out and this can cause bodily harm to the deer.

While these deer are on a farm and can be considered "in captivity," they had several large fields linked together to roam. Although they have barns (the green buildings seen in the photos below), they rarely used them except when eating the feed that is put there.

Every day in agriculture is different. It definitely keeps life interesting!

Feeding apple slices to the deer. They LOVED them! Super friendly deer.

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