Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Visiting a bison ranch

My job takes me to the most random places, but usually these livestock adventures are fun so I really don't mind. Sunday, I visited a bison ranch. I've never seen a bison in person before, so this was definitely a new experience.

According to what the bison ranchers were telling me, bison weights are similar to large cattle. However, bison are not cattle. Try to herd the bison or get them to go where you want them to and that won't go well. I have a much greater appreciation for my sweet little dairy cows that follow instruction and (generally) listen. 

Bison ranches have A LOT of hot wire. Never touch a wire fence. If you ever grab onto a hot wire, you'll know why. 

When dairy cows go into labor, dairy farmers keep a close eye on them and assist if needed. Bison ranchers also keep an eye on their herd, but getting between a bison and her calf is asking for trouble so they can't help if she's having trouble. 

In general, people don't go out in the field with the bison. You can go out in the field in a vehicle or something that can (somewhat) protect you, but walking out into a herd of bison is a bad idea. They may trample you. 

While it was certainly an interesting day and I learned a lot about bison, I think I'll stick with my sweet dairy cows.

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  1. Wow. That just makes you want to take a step back and let the animals roam and the plants flourish. You can just leave the bison well enough alone on their own element. But I agree; I think I’ll stick to dairy cows myself. Haha! Anyway, enjoy the view!

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group