Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Highlights

As we count down the final hours of 2014, I like to look back through some of the highlights of this awesome year. 

YDLI (Young Dairy Leaders Institute) Awesome program. Amazing people. Unforgettable memories.

Chili cook off

Our last night in Albuquerque with this great group. I miss them!
Dairy visit before the conference started

Moving back to Indiana(!!!!) It was an adventure to get back here, but moving back was one of the best decisions of my life. It may not be a top dairy state (although it's ranked #14 in the nation), but the people are amazing and make me feel so at home in the state I'm never leaving again. Thanks to everyone here for making it an amazing year!

National Dairy Challenge PR Team
 Documenting the fantastic competition on social media and speaking to college dairy students about advocating for the dairy industry on and offline.

Western WA turned Midwest dairy girls
Christie and I are excited! Can you tell?!

Various livestock adventures

Indiana Dairy Producers summer tour to Ohio
Visiting one of my livestock producers on his white tail deer farm

Livestock Day in Avon
Visiting the anaerobic digester down the road from our farm...I love this view from on top of the digester of Mt. Rainier!

I learned to can fruits and vegetables!

Celebrating Grandpa's 92nd birthday

My cousins and I teaching the next generation about the cows
Sales barn with Grandpa. Our Saturday tradition.
Other adventures
Dairy Princess fun
Dairy Princess fun (Happy National Ice Cream Month!!)
Getting to see harvest from inside the combine...it was awesome!!
Getting back into gardening...as best I can for now

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