Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It was a long night around here and none of us got much sleep, but sleeping in wasn't an option. Even though today is Christmas, we still had to do chores. Since we don't have the dairy cows on the farm anymore, it's a little less work, but cows still need to be fed and waterers filled. We have a calendar in the barn, but the cows don't pay attention to it.Today is just another day to them. We wouldn't want it any other way though.

However, I did give all of them a Christmas hug to go with their breakfast grass hay. Hugging cows and taking pictures of them every chance I get is what I do, even though my family thinks I'm crazy for it. I also sing happy birthday to my show cows on their birthdays. Granny thinks I've lost my mind.

I love going out to the barn to see these little darlings. I was in a hurry this morning so I just threw my barn boots over my yoga pants to go feed the cows. I used to put my bib overalls over my pajamas when I had to be at the dairy at 4 a.m. It definitely made getting out of bed so early much easier! Cows don't care what you are wearing, as long as you feed them and take care of them.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday with their families!

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