Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My best Christmas present of all time

Christmas isn't about presents. It's about spending time with family, friends and all those people that mean a lot to you. That being said, the best material Christmas present I've ever received was one I bought for myself. Although, my five year old self might tell you the Barbie dream house was pretty awesome too.

It was three weeks before my 21st birthday and I wanted to do something to make it special. When I was 20, 30 seemed really old. These days it's really not that old, especially since I'm not far from 30 now. To me, this was my last big birthday before I was officially old.

My first vehicle after I turned 16 was my dad's 1987 Ford Ranger. I've always been a truck girl. I finished up finals week at college and came home for a week of truck shopping! Lucky for me I found my dream truck pretty quickly, and since it was snowing I even got to test drive it in the snow. Western Washington doesn't get much snow so I was lucky in that regard. Within four days, I'd shopped around, found my dream truck and negotiated quite a deal. Not bad for a 20-year-old farm girl. I signed papers and it was mine Christmas Eve Day.

I love my GMC Sierra so much and I'd definitely get another one. I've driven it from coast to coast several times and it's been on a lot of fun adventures. This time of year always helps me reflect on all of these good times and all of those to come.

What was the best present you've ever received?

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