Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top 10 blog posts of 2014

In case you missed my top 10 countdown on the Kimmi's Dairyland Facebook page, here are 10 of my most-read blog posts from 2014. They were fun to write and I hope they have helped everyone better understand what really goes on on farms and more about farmers. Thanks to all of you for following along on my adventures this year and reading my blog. It really means a lot!

#1: Blizzard 2014: Why don't farms close for the day? Here's why they can't...

Last January, dairy farmers across the nation faced a terrible blizzard. The first blog post of 10 in my 2014 countdown is about that terrible storm and its impact on dairy farms. This is also one of my favorite posts.

#2: Seven reasons animal care matters to dairy farmers

I was pleasantly surprised to see this post featured in the national dairy checkoff's MyDairy e-newsletter earlier this month.

Today's countdown blog post tells you more about seven of the many reasons animal care matters to dairy farmers.

Meet Jodiann! She was one of my show cows in college, such a sweetheart!
#3: Cow sanctuaries? Surviving in the wild? Dairy farming as told by PETA activists

Should cows live in sanctuaries? Can they survive in the wild? A video I came across earlier in the year prompted this post and I wanted to clear up some misconceptions (and had fun writing it, too!). 

Welcome to Day 3 of my 2014 Countdown!

#4: Christmas on the farm

Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone is enjoying time with your families today.

Today's countdown post is a throwback from Christmas 2013 about holidays on our farm. Enjoy your holiday!

#5: Farming, Crowns and Miss America

What does farming have to do with the Miss America pageant? Find out in today's countdown blog post!

#6: My first (solo) canning adventure

I finally crossed "learning to can" off my bucket list this year. Since I live 2,000 miles from my family, I learned how to can with a pressure cooker over the phone from mom (and didn't blow anything up!).

#7: Similarities between the Super Bowl and dairy farming

My hometown team (Seattle Seahawks) won the Super Bowl this year! Although I'm not an avid sports fan, this was awesome!! They ran away with the game. 

Day 7 of 10 in my 2014 countdown compares this awesome game with dairy farming. The similarities might surprise you.

#8: YDLI: A Must for Dairy Advocates

 In February, I finished up the final phase of my YDLI (Young Dairy Leaders Institute) experience. This was an amazing program. I learned so much and made so many new friends that love dairy just as much as I do. 

Such a fun night!

#9: 2014 is the Year of Family Farming! How many dairy farms are family owned?

Family farms are the backbone of America. Do you know how many dairy farms are family owned?
Here's day 9 of the top 10 blog posts of 2014 about family farms like mine.

#10: 10 Tips for effectively communicating your message during a panel discussion

The top post from 2014 involved putting the skills I learned at YDLI to use in "10 tips to effectively communicate your message in a panel discussion.

Our awesome panel at YDLI...I'm on the far left

Thanks for following along as I counted down the 10 most popular posts from 2014. Happy New Year!!

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