Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The snow is melting!!

Snow is melted off the corn fields!
The snow is finally melting and the temperatures are rising quick! I was loving the drizzle yesterday and the gray skies. It reminds me so much of Western Washington in the winter and there's nothing better than a good run in the (light) rain. In fact, I never owned an umbrella until I moved to Indiana. That's how we tell the tourists back home. Well, that and they can never pronounce any of our towns, especially mine. My job has a lot of variety and yesterday it took me up to Purdue for an agriculture roundtable meeting with industry leaders. This included quite a bit of walking in the rain and it was awesome! I may have been the only one happy about the rain though. However, if it's raining, that means it's too warm to snow, so that's definitely a good thing!

Warmer temperatures mean spring is on the way. It's only a week or two away now. Farmers have been working on their planters and equipment all winter to make sure they are ready to go when the weather breaks and stops freezing. I know quite a few of my farmer friends have been getting cabin fever lately. They just want to get out of the house and into the fields. If they have livestock, the fun never really stopped, especially on the dairy farm. Livestock don't hibernate in the winter and farmers spent extra time the last few months making sure they are comfortable, well fed and happy.

In our family, winters are for roadtrips--atleast for my brother. I can't just take off work for months at a time, so I get to live through him and his awesome pictures and then usually meet up with him at some point. He got back last week and the next day was back on the tractor. Washington has been sunny and great. How about that view of Mt. Rainier! I do miss that a lot. There's truly no better backdrop.

My brother was spraying round up on some fields to kill any weeds. Crops grow so much better if there aren't weeds competing for the nutrients from the soil.

It's not hay season yet, but it's coming!! Helping with hay was always a family affair at our house. Either you were driving the tractor, bucking hay or stacking it on the trailer. Everyone was helping. Here he is delivering some hay to one of his customers. 

Happy Spring to you and your family! Enjoy this amazing weather!

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