Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just standing on my head...

"So what did you do today?"
"Oh you know, just the typical Sunday morning standing on my head..."
"Wait, what?"

I started going to yoga every week when I moved back to Indiana over a year ago. I love it! My back feels better, I'm more flexible and it's made my stomach flatter than it's been since I was 15. I definitely can't complain about that!!

My favorite pose is called the wheel. It takes quite a bit of shoulder/upper body strength to lift yourself up, but it's such a great feeling when I can see everything upside down.

I usually stick around after class for a few minutes to chat, but for some reason I decided to stay a few extra minutes and I'm glad I did. One of the new girls in the class was doing a report for college about yoga and wanted to take some pictures of a few poses. I was about to leave when the awesome instructor told me she wanted me in it. Okay! Can we do the wheel?!

So...that's how this happened. Welcome to my Sunday mornings!

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