Monday, July 13, 2015

Cow Update

When I go home to Washington, a lot of my friends always ask how the cows are doing so I thought I'd post an update. It's always fun to have new baby calves on the farm. Usually, calving is in the summer around the time I'm home, but not this year.

Two summers ago, I wrote about two of our cute babies, Alyssa and Darla. Where are these girls today? Still on the farm, of course, and they sure are sassy. Especially Alyssa. Darla is such a sweetheart, but Alyssa seems to think petting her means she gets to play rough. I don't think so, mini moo. These girls are almost 2 years old now.

I think we caught Alyssa by surprise

And this is Darla...she likes to get her head scratched

We had a lot of bull calves last year that are still around, as well as some older steers. One of them is extremely loud. When we were unloading hay at the neighbor's place across the back road, I ran back to the house to get water for everyone and as I was coming up the lane to the barn, I thought he was going to go through the fence. Yikes! I do not like being chased by bulls or cows (but then again, who does?).

This little steer was born last summer
As we were unloading another load of hay into our barn, he was being quite vocal again. It would be so interesting to know what cattle are saying when they are mooing.

Do you remember Hannah? The Hereford I'm always taking pictures of? I think she's starting to accept that taking pictures is just what I do and the faster she cooperates, the faster picture time will be over.

I love getting out in the field with them. It's so relaxing (and I think we all know I needed that)!

I wish I had my phone or camera with me when we were putting in hay that night. I was sitting on top of the hay stacked high on the hay wagon and could see over the roof of the manger where the cows eat and all I could see was the top of the other hay barn and the giant maple tree near the house. It was so beautiful. Such a new perspective. So, I sat and enjoyed it until I had to get down off the hay.

Country nights are the best!

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