Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Views from the State Fair

Lately, my "office" has been the Indiana State Fair. Tough life, I know. Meeting with producers and industry colleagues is always great, so it's been fun. Between livestock meetings and visiting with my farmers, I've tried to have a little fun and turned the fair into my own farm photo shoot because...well, why not?

We're mostly a John Deere family (now's been a while since the Massey Ferguson has been used) the guys in my family would probably not endorse this photo, but it's a pretty cool tractor. 
Can't find me? Find the cows and you will. 
The Glass Barn photo booth is awesome! I had so much fun with these. 

Fun in the pumpkin patch
The one day I wear a dress and heels at the fair...I had an awesome time emceeing the event for my producers and teaching them about public relations for their farm
"Hey Kimmi, can you fit inside that tire?" Um....that's a no. 
We had a blast working the the company booth. 
I found my friend Elaine (or her #farmerselfie life-size cut out) in the Glass Barn

I think I won the creativity award for ag selfies that day
Found a new hiding spot! The guys in my family would likely tell me this is not a practical use of a tractor tire, but everyone needs a tire picture.

My friends and their shrimp farm are featured as the aquaculture farmers of the day! A different farm family representing a different aspect of Indiana agriculture was featured each day of the 17-day fair. 
I found the gem on the left and had to post it as a throwback. It was from show day in 2003 at the Puyallup Fair (now known as the Washington State Fair) many memories in that barn and gotta love that cowboy hat haha. 

It's almost harvest....well, not quite, but why not dust off the combine?
Live chats from the farm a few times each day in the Glass Barn
I had one fun day to play at the fair where I wasn't I took friends with me! 
Have I mentioned I'm so lucky to have such awesome farmers to work with?! 
Two of the newest farmers to my program at the awards luncheon. 
Two important gotta love what you do and farmers definitely do. Once farming is in your blood, it's hard to get it out. 
Why I love farming...Grandpa!! The man who made me fall in love with farming and dairy cows. Now if only I can meet a guy as great as he is. 
The state fair is basically an ag reunion. So great catching up with all my ag friends I don't see enough. 

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