Friday, December 25, 2015

A White Christmas?

While many people hope to wake up to snow on Christmas morning, I love my classic Pacific Northwest December forecast, which means 50 degrees and drizzling with overcast skies. That's the weather I pack for when I come home. However, it's not the weather that I got this week.

Indiana has been abnormally warm. 64 degrees on December 23rd is not normal!

A few days ago, it snowed here in western Washington. It also snowed last night, so we did wake up to a white Christmas...if you count a dusting of the white stuff as a white Christmas.

Two of our baby calves apparently weren't huge fans of the snow and decided why stay outside or in the barn when they could jump through the stanchions and hang out inside the manger where they have access to ALL of the hay. Smart calves. They saw me and knew they weren't where they were supposed to be. Silly baby moo.

It's been really cold, which is more motivation to run faster. However, the snow falling at dusk made for some beautiful photos.

The mountain passes also got lots of snow and they've been closed for most of the week. Not so good for all those folks trying to cross the state for Christmas.

Cows eat more when it's cold, so it's important to make sure they always have lots of food (hay) and water.

One of the farmers in our town got creative and made this snowman out of three large round bales of hay. Notice the beautiful Mt. Rainier in the background. This was on the front page of our town paper this week.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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