Monday, February 8, 2016

Farm Girls' Blogging Retreat

Last week was fun! A bunch of the awesome ladies in my blogging group went on a little blogging retreat to southern Indiana where we learned more about how to use our blogs to connect with consumer audiences and other things that will make our outreach efforts more effective.

I started blogging on accident. In 2012, I was working for the dairy association and writing for the company blog. I had a little blogging experience, but decided to attend a blogging workshop to get better at it (since it was my job). Each of us had to create a blog that day. I live in my own little world, talk about cows all of the time and am a little oblivious to a lot of things going on around me, so I figured 'Kimmi's Dairyland' was a fitting name.

Fast forward a few years and the same awesome lady, Cris of Recipes that Crock, who led the blogging workshop that day in 2012 became my blogging coach. I had just moved back to Indiana and had been blogging somewhat consistently for a few years. She asked if I wanted to join a bunch of other farm gals that blog for monthly meetings on how to be more effective with our blogs. Sure!

I'm glad I did. These ladies are awesome and I'm so glad to have met them. Needless to say, it was a fun two days!

Stacey, Cris and Brandie

Brandie of The Country Cook and Stacey of Southern Bite were our speakers and were so inspirational. Afterward, Brandie rounded up some of our favorite recipes from our blogs for her '15 Best Farmwife Recipes' post. Check them out! She is so sweet! You will just love her, so run on over and check out her blog.

Whenever a group of like-minded people get together, a lot of learning and fun occurs. That was definitely the case last week.

Photos are so important in blogging and social media, so we spent some time improving our food photography skills.

I learned so much and if I were to start rattling it all off here, we would be reading this post all day. I don't have that kind of time and you don't either. LOL.

The biggest thing I took away from the retreat was added motivation to stay consistent on all of my social media channels and mix up the topics on my blog.

Special thanks to Indiana Soybean Farmers for sponsoring the retreat!

Speaking of mixing it up, here are some posts and recipes you are sure to love: