Friday, May 26, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #21

This week we have a long weekend which means that there may be a tad more time to get in the kitchen. Not that you are going to need too much time with Weekly Meal Plan #21's options. From breakfast through dessert, we've got you covered.  So, let's get right to it!

Weekly Meal Plan #21
I highly recommend starting your day with Desserts Required's Banana Coconut Chocolate Colada Bread. It's packed with so many family favorite ingredients and best of all, it takes a nanosecond to put together.  
Weekly Meal Plan #21 - Banana Coconut Chocolate Colada Bread
Raquel at Organized Island has a Make Ahead Taco Salad that affords you plenty of time out of the kitchen. When you are ready, so is your tasty dinner!

My Fearless Kitchen's Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joe's are a must try. I mean, seriously, Marybeth included BACON! Need I say more?

Weekly Meal Plan #21
If your weather is anything like mine, Kimmi's Dairyland's Berry Chicken Salad is just what we need. The berries are bursting with freshness and pair beautifully with chicken. 

Weekly Meal Plan #21
Christina at The Shirley Journey is sharing her Buffalo Chicken Pizza which I know kids will flip for since buffalo chicken wings are always requested. Putting these flavors on pizza is like a kid's dream come true.

Weekly Meal Plan #21
Erica at The Crumby Cupcake has a terrific idea with her Bacon-Wrapped Summer BBQ Hot Dogs. They are put together and baked in the oven so you don't even have to light up the grill. And, once again, did I mention BACON?!?

  Weekly Meal Plan #21
I have a fabulous dessert option this week; Desserts Required's Chocolate Coconut BonBons. I know that bonbons may not seem like a typical dessert but, rest assured, I have yet to find anyone who is willing to turn them down.

  Weekly Meal Plan #21 - Chocolate Coconut BonBons

Have a terrific week and feel free to swap the meals around to fit your schedule!

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