Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #37

  Keeping it Easy Weekly Meal Plan    
 All good mornings start with breakfast, so why not start the mornings with these quick and easy breakfast burritos? You can even make them ahead of time for those busy mornings.
  Easy-Breakfast-Burritos from Organized Island #breakfast #burritos   Monday 
 Start the week off with this Southwest Salad with Jalapeno Ranch Greek Yogurt Dressing from The Shirley Journey. A new reason to look forward to Monday!
 Ready for a weekend already? Put your slow cooker to work today with these juicy and cheesy Slow Cooker Unsloppy Joes from My Fearless Kitchen.

Make it quick! This Bacon Spinach Rigatoni from Organized Island is not only tasty, it is super quick to make too!

 Chicken Pot Pie Anyone? This Chicken Pot Pie from Kimmi's Dairyland will have your family asking for seconds!

 We always have room for dessert and this Orange Sponge Cake from Desserts Required will have you celebrating any day of the week!


Take the weekend off, enjoy your leftovers, or eat out. We’ll be testing more recipes for you in our own kitchens!  


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