Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #38

 Start your mornings right with a big batch of these Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits from My Fearless Kitchen. They're easier than you think and they freeze great. They're delicious with simple butter and jelly, or as the start of a bacon & egg sandwich!

 Kick off your week with a kick! Try this Buffalo Wing Casserole from The Crumby Kitchen. Perfect for Monday night football, or whatever you have planned!

 Then cool it down a little with these B.L.A.T. Sandwiches from My Fearless Kitchen. We all know the beloved BLT... this is what happens when it swallows an avocado!

 Take it easy tonight and make these simple Sun Dried Tomato Pizzas from Kimmi's Dairyland.

 I love some pumpkin in the fall, and this Pumpkin Pepper Soup from Organized Island is no exception! If you don't like the spiciness, cut back on the red pepper flakes or leave them out all

 It's almost the weekend! Make a big batch of this Slow Cooker Chili from The Shirley Journey to keep your football fans fueled for all their games.
 Chocolate, peanuts, and gooeyness - does it get much better than these Gooey Brownie Peanut Cups from Desserts Required?



  1. You just solved this difficult task for me by giving me a meal plan.With kids it gets so difficult, now I will exactly follow and make the same suggested menu everyday.

    1. Glad we can help! We publish these every week. They are under the 'Other Recipes' tab.

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