Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dairy cows contribute more than milk to North Carolina

Goodie bags full of dairy recipes and info
I love talking to people about the dairy industry, and June Dairy Month is no different. I had the pleasure of visiting with the Mooresville Lions Club this evening to discuss how the dairy industry benefits North Carolina and the local community. It always amazes me how many people once had a connection to dairy farming but have lost it over the years as farms have gone out of business. 

I'm happy I get to discuss modern dairy farming and how we keep our cows healthy while maintaining a family business, stimulating the local economy and caring for the environment. 

Something I especially love is when someone says, after talking to me or hearing me talk about dairy farming, "I can tell you really love what you do." I'm very passionate about dairy farming, cows and the wonderful industry I'm a part of, and I'm glad people can pick up on that.

They all left with more information about how their milk is produced as well as some new recipes to try and resources available to get more information in the future. 

Dairy is a big deal here in North Carolina. North Carolina is home to nearly 300 dairy farms with an average of 160 cows, and the industry as a whole contributes approximately half a billion dollars a year to our state’s economy.

Iredell County is the top dairy county in North Carolina, meaning more milk is produced here in this county than in any other county in the state. 

Dairy farmers take pride in producing high-quality milk, maintaining healthy animals, and caring for the environment that supports their livelihoods and the farms and communities they call home. The dairy industry is good for the community, the environment and your family.

Dairies also create jobs for farm families and others, in addition to sustaining jobs for milk haulers, processing plants, veterinarians, animal nutritionists and numerous other experts and vendors dairy farmers work with on a regular basis.

At just 25 cents per glass, milk is also easy on your wallet, providing nine essential nutrients you and your family need every day.

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