Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Milk takes center stage at the Indy 500

Media Day 2011 with our two dairy farmer Milk Men Richard and Dave
It's the end of May in Indianapolis. Specifically, it's almost Memorial Day weekend, which means 33 drivers will race to the finish on Sunday for the title of Indy 500 Champion and for that drink of milk in victory lane. Wait, milk? Don't winners usually toast their victory with champagne? Not here. Milk has been the tradition since Louis Meyer requested buttermilk after winning the 1933 Indianapolis 500.

Today, drivers do not have the choice of buttermilk, but rather their choice of skim, 2 percent and whole milk. The milk is delivered to the winning driver, chief mechanic and team owner by none other than Indiana dairy farmers.

In one of my prior jobs, I had many opportunities to host industry colleagues at the track, attend the media tour with the two dairy farmer "Milk Men" and attend the race, in addition to other opportunities related to the greatest spectacle in racing.

Here are a few photos of the fun that is May in Indy.

Media Day

Ran into Dario Franchitti at the track a week before he won the 2012 Indy 500

More hanging out with race car drivers at the 2011 Rookie Luncheon
The camera wasn't on zoom, we really were that close to the cars at practice

Walking around the garages with industry colleagues

 Whether you are attending the race this weekend (if so, don't forget water and sunscreen!) or have other plans, celebrate like the winning driver does with an ice-cold glass/bottle of your favorite milk. Got milk?

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