Thursday, May 14, 2015

More flowers!

Now that my lovely tulips and daffodils are dead (so sad!), it was time to plant something else. I've always admired Granny's green thumb. Her flower beds always look so nice, and the same could be said about Mom's. It's nice to have little reminders of home, so I got some of the same types of flowers that are found in Granny's flower beds each year: impatients, geraniums and a hanging basket of fuchsias.

There's something comforting about looking outside and feeling so at home. Those flowers trigger a lot of memories of sitting on our deck in the summer watching cows in the front field by our house or trying to keep my show cows out of the geraniums while leading them in the yard to get ready for an upcoming cow show. I never was into gardening until I moved back to Indiana last year and now I love it. I can see why Mom and Granny love to spend hours (okay...more like days) at a time out in the flower beds.

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