Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Planting 101

My friend's husband was going to plant some corn on Sunday, so I asked if I could ride along. I'd never really experienced planting and wanted to learn more.

Before you take the planter out to the field, you need to fill it with seed. There are so many different varieties from various companies. Some is to grow seed corn, others for silage corn, others for corn to shell. Lots of options. Then, you add some seed lubricant on top. Seed lubricant protects the meters on the planter and helps seed flow better through it. It's black and Jason said to be careful with it and not get it all over me. It was a little windy and I wasn't as careful, my hands ended up black and it ended up on my face, arms, and basically all over me. Oh well, it's part of the fun.

The tractor has a lot of sensors inside it that will go off when something isn't right. The planter may not be working properly, may be running low on seed or something may be dragging.

When something isn't working properly, you get out and fix it.

These measuring sticks are used to determine how far down into the soil the seed is planted. Seed can be planted closer to the surface when it's going to rain in the near future since the rain will push the seed deeper into the ground and help the roots.

It's a much smoother ride during the planting part of it than when using the field cultivator. Their four-year-old daughter wanted to come with us. She loves pictures, so while we waited for Jason to come around to the side of the field by the house, she wanted to take lots of pictures. She's adorable!! She kept saying, "My Kimmi!!" Aww!

And more pictures in the tractor.

I'm not sure how she fell asleep since it was a bit of a bumpy ride, but she was out within about 10 minutes.

Since different fields may require different kinds of seed, the seed in the bins is dumped back into the bags and cleaned out and new seed added.

Thanks, Jason, for letting me ride along!!


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