Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #1

Looking for an easy way to plan your weekly meals? Then you will love this weekly meal planning series!

I'm so excited. I'm an organization freak anyways, so when my friend Marybeth from My Fearless Kitchen asked if I wanted to be a part of a group of awesome bloggers that post weekly meal plans, of course I said yes! Hopefully this will help your busy schedules as well. (I know it's certainly going to help mine!)

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year? I always do, but I try to look at them more as goals rather than resolutions that'll go away in a few weeks. (Here are some ideas on how to make keeping those resolutions a bit easier). One of mine is to be healthier. Get back into a consistent workout routine and eat more nutritious foods. Actually, I wish I ate as well as most dairy cows.

Stop laughing.

Did you know that most dairy farmers work with an animal nutritionist to balance the diets for their dairy cows? Producing milk requires a lot of energy! So, it's important not to mess around with nutrition.

These diets are carefully balanced for macro and micro nutrients to keep cows performing at their best for their stage of lactation and life. Baby calves and heifers, much like toddlers and children, need quality nutrition for growth to reach their full potential. Milking cows at the beginning of their lactations produce more milk so they need higher energy. Milking cows at the end of their lactations are not producing as much milk as they were right after they calved, so they need less energy. During the dry period (the 60 day "vacation" from milking before they have their baby), they also require different nutrition.

It's intense how much is involved. These cows basically have their own personal dietitian watching over what they are eating.

My recipe this week, Rosemary Baked Halibut, will start you off on the right foot with a healthy recipe. It pairs well with salads and vegetables. Or try it with potatoes. Very versatile.

I hope you enjoy this new series as much as I think I will! Happy New Year!

The Keeping it Easy Weekly Meal Plan offers a week's worth of meal ideas from top food bloggers.   Week one of the keeping it easy weekly meal plan series. Great recipes from food bloggers.  

Kick of the week with this tasty Rosemary Baked Halibut from Kimmi's Dairyland
Put the Slow Cooker to work for you & enjoy this Slow Cooker Turkey Tetrazzini from My Fearless Kitchen
This mouth-watering Spicy Strawberry BBQ Chicken from The Crumbly Cupcake looks amazing.
This Macaroni and Cheese with Pork and Peas from Mom's Messy Miracles is sure to please!
Wrap up the week with this simple and tasty Meatball Soup from Organized Island
This easy meatball soup is delicious and warming with a bit of chili! Also known as Albondigas - makes a warming meal!
It’s always busy on the weekend, so why not enjoy some leftovers and family time while we test new recipes for you.
We've always got to have some sweetness! Celebrate the new year with this Death by Chocolate Cake from Desserts Required

Don’t forget breakfast! This delicious breakfast tacos will have everyone in your family up and ready to eat!
These quick breakfast tacos are so simple to make and change up breakfast! Make with warm corn tortillas, these are a tasty way to make breakfast exciting!

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  1. My family love halibut! Your recipe looks good and healthy. Love the cows! :)