Have a question about dairy? You probably aren't the only one, so please ask.

Dairy FAQ Series

Are all dairy cows black and white?

Are dairy cows pregnant all the time?

Are eggs dairy products?

Can cows eat fruits and vegetables?

Do antibiotics used on farms enter the food supply?

Do we really need to drink milk?

How do cows stay warm in the winter?

How do farmers protect water quality?

How do I find out if my milk is local?

How do you clean the milk?

How does the dairy industry create jobs?

How has dairy farming changed?

How long are cows milked each time?

How safe is milk?

Is milk from pasteurized cows better?

Will that cow bite me?

What are holidays like on a dairy farm?

What are those marshmallows in the field?

What do cows eat in the winter?

What do dairy cows think about daylight savings time?

What's a heifer?

What's in real milk vs. alternative dairy beverages?

Why don't all farms allow visitors?

Why is harvest important to dairy farmers?


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