Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adventures of a Dairy Princess

Last Friday night was the dairy princess coronation back home. It's been nine years (I feel so old!) since I was the reigning princess, but as the saying goes, "once a princess always a princess." So, since it IS June Dairy Month, I thought I'd celebrate by bringing back some pictures from my fabulous year as Dairy Princess, an experience that encouraged me to go into public relations in the dairy industry.
Being crowned as Dairy Princess at the coronation. This was definitely an OMG!!! moment that I didn't see coming, but I'm so glad it did. 
Picture time with the other can never have too many pictures.
Handing out awards at the Pierce County Fair. It was even better to hand them to my friends and the folks I grew up showing cows with, like Tony here. 
Princesses down on the field before awards at the WIAA state football championships. 
These gals are awesome!
School presentations. Talking about dairy farming and dairy products. These were fun and the questions were even better. "If you are a princess, do you live in a palace?" "Yes, a dairy palace!"
Public outreach activity in Seattle with the rest of the princesses (and little princesses).
The end of my reign (so sad!) and the night I handed the title over to the next dairy princess, my friend Marie. 
Not a princess picture, but I couldn't post this without a photo of my biggest fan, my grandpa! He never missed a cow show and was in the front row during my June dairy month presentation at the senior center in town and at numerous other events. 
He's my favorite! 

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