Friday, April 21, 2017

Meal Plan #16

#KeepItEasy Weekly Meal Plan
This French Toast Monte Cristo by The Crumby Cupcake is the most ultimate breakfast sandwich you can imagine! Ham, turkey, bacon, lots of cheese, and your favorite fruit preserves on two thick pieces of French toast - heaven!

French Toast Monte Cristo | Truly the ultimate breakfast sandwich! Turkey, ham, bacon, lots of cheese, fried egg, and tasty preserves, tucked between two slices of thick, lightly sweetened challah French toast.
Oh, so saucy! Fire up the grill and kick off your week with a Dominican Chimichurri Burger from The Crumby Cupcake - juicy burgers topped with tomato, onion, tangy cabbage, and a sauce you'll want to put on everything!

A saucy, simply seasoned burger, topped with sauteed cabbage, tomato and onion, the Chimichurri Burger is Dominican street food at its finest!
Thank goodness for My Fearless Kitchen! I have been craving something like these Chicken & Black Bean Burritos - I just didn't know it until today!

Aside from being just plain gorgeous, The Shirley Journey's Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad is also delicious and pretty darn nutritious. And how easy are salads?! They're the best meal for Hump Day!

Nothing better than a simple dinner! These pretty Easy Chili Verde Enchiladas from Organized Island are ready for alllll your favorite toppings - just don't forget the avocado!

Fri-YAY it's RIB DAY! Kimmi's Dairyland's Sweet & Spicy BBQ Ribs are just the ticket to an end of the week celebration!

What happens when you combine two of the best desserts in the world? Raspberry Pound Cake Brownies from Desserts Required, that's what! You better believe these are happening this week!

Enjoy your weekend with leftovers or a fun night out - we'll see you next week with another tasty round-up of meals!

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