Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy 91st birthday to Grandpa!

Grandparents' Day always has the best timing. That's because it's usually around the time of Grandpa's birthday. This year, he turned 91 - definitely a reason to celebrate!

Grandparents' Day was actually Sunday, so I'm a few days late, but why not celebrate again?

We always celebrate Grandpa's birthday with an ice cream cake (fitting for a former dairy farmer, don't you think?) whenever I'm home during the end of summer.

Grandpa's first birthday celebration of the year last month

The rest of the family turned Grandpa's birthday into his birthday week, filled with many celebrations. He loved it.

Last year was the big 9-0 (I know, he doesn't look 90 at all!) and we invited the entire extended family, friends and many neighbors over to the farm to celebrate with us. Grandpa is STILL talking about it.

Grandpa at his 90th birthday party
Birthdays are a big deal, but really any occasion to get the family together is a good one. Making the most of every second with family (especially grandparents) is so important.

So why should we all take the time to celebrate Grandparents' Day? Grandparents are special people. Many of my favorite memories growing up involve our family farm and Granny and Grandpa (and the show cows and show friends, of course). Our grandparents taught my brother and me a lot. From riding on the tractor with Grandpa as he raked hay to Granny helping us with stubborn show calves, there is no where else I would rather grow up than on a farm with my grandparents.

Farming is hard work, but I love how it brings families together. More often than not, farms involve several generations working together. How can you beat that? You really can't.

Celebrating Granny and Grandpa's 64th anniversary last winter
Check out a few of my Grandparents' Day blog posts from last year and the year before for more stories about why my grandparents are so amazing.

How did you celebrate Grandparents' Day? If you haven't yet, pick up some ice cream and celebrate. I think Grandpa would approve of that :-)

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