Farm Life

Animal Care
A day at the spa...for cows?
How do you celebrate stress awareness day?
Keeping cows cool in the summer heat
Seven reasons animal care matters to dairy farmers

Animal Nutrition
Cows eat their fruits and vegetables, too!'s what's for dinner for our beef cows tonight

7 Ways farmers protect water quality
Chopping corn silage
Corn's up!
Farm safety isn't just for farmers
Harvesting soybeans
Make hay while the sun shines
Our crops use technology, too!
Planting 101
Stay safe on the roads this harvest season
Walkin' fields

Beef Cows
Meet the newest additions to our farm!

Dairy Farming
Blizzard 2014: Why don't farms close for the day? Here's why they can't...
Correcting Dairy Misconceptions at 30,000 Feet
Cows contribute more than milk to North Carolina
Cow sanctuaries? Surviving in the wild? Dairy farming as told by PETA activists
Dairy FAQ: How safe is milk?
Dairy FAQ: Is milk from pasteurized cows better?
Keeping cows cool & comfortable in the summer heat
Powering communities with cow manure
Organic, conventional...what's the difference?
Similarities between Dollywood and dairy farms
Similarities between the Super Bowl and dairy farming
Sustainable dairy farms protect natural resources for future generations
Undercover Boss goes to a dairy farm!
What are holidays like on a dairy farm?
Why are dairy cows skinny?
Why celebrate June Dairy Month?

Christmas on the farm
Dear Grandpa
Everyday is Grandparents' Day!
Family Memories at the Sale Barn
Farming with Grandpa
Grandparents' Day on the farm
How our family farm has changed in the last century
The farm that built me

Farm Photos (Wordless Wednesday posts)
Views from the hay field
Views from the tractor
Wheat harvest

It's tulip season in the Skagit Valley!
More flowers!

Livestock Adventures
Cows at the Speedway
Dairy Princess adventures
Milk takes center stage at the Indy 500 
Mother's Day on the farm
The fair through the eyes of a 4-H kid

Hollywood gets it wrong

Farming in a snow storm
How does daylight savings time affect farmers?
Keeping cows cool and comfortable in the summer heat
What are holidays like on a dairy farm?

Youth Programs (4-H, FFA, college dairy programs, etc.)
Dear college dairy student
National 4-H Week
Showing cows is about more than top lines and rosettes
Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium
The decision that changed everything
The fair through the eyes of a 4-H kid
The role of youth organizations in developing the future of agriculture
The value of getting (and staying) involved in the industry