Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Every day is Grandparents Day

Did you celebrate Grandparents Day on Sunday? We did! The holiday conveniently fell on Grandpa’s 92nd birthday, so we definitely celebrated. Since everyone leads such busy lives these days, it’s always great when we all get together at the farm—just like old times.

I write about Grandparents Day every year. Grandpa is by far my favorite person and one of the most influential in my life. I always joke that if I compare someone to Grandpa I must really, really like them.

At the sales barn...this one captures his personality perfectly.
In high school, Grandpa and I went to the sales barn just about every Saturday. It was our thing. Our sales barn is down the road from our farm and isn’t big, but it’s somewhat of a weekly tradition. Unfortunately, it’s usually closed when I’m home over the holidays, so I was really excited when we got to go this weekend.

Grandpa and I on the tractor when I was a year of my favorite photos. 
Grandpa has always been my biggest fan. Whether it was a dairy princess event or a cow show, he was always there to cheer me on.

My cousins and I teaching the next generation about cows
The family threw a huge bash for Grandpa’s 90th birthday two years ago and these days, we take every opportunity to get together. I may live 2,000 miles from them, but most days I hardly notice it. I miss a lot of small stuff, but am always there for the big stuff. And, Grandpa is always so thrilled when I come home.

Of course, we can’t forget Granny! (That would be BAD!!) Those two are so entertaining. They’ve been married since 1948 and always keep us on our toes.

One day is not enough to celebrate these awesome folks. EVERY day should be Grandparents Day!

How did you celebrate this weekend?

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