Monday, December 12, 2016

Beef FAQ: Where do your beef cows live?

Seeing cows on pasture is a common site, but it's not the only way to house cattle properly. So where do our cows live?

Our cows graze on pasture and spend time outside year round. Keep in mind that the climate is very mild in Western Washington so they can do that. The grass doesn't grow in the winter so we feed the cows hay in the manger. Cows commonly eat corn, soybean meal and lots of other feeds. Corn is a great energy source for them.

They love standing out in the rain (silly mini moo) and laying in the pasture regardless of the weather. The sweet little darlings always have access to the loafing shed (like a pack barn where they can lay down in the barn) to sleep and stay out of the weather.

It's always important to make sure they have access to hay and fresh water all the time so we check on them a few times a day to make sure the water is full, the feed bunk isn't empty and that all is well.

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