Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Canning Round 3: Applesauce

I've been wanting to learn how to make and can applesauce for a while. Like the rest of my canning adventures lately, it was pretty spur of the moment. So I figured, might as well learn today! I have to say, it was MUCH easier than I thought. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it's really not hard. 

This apple peeler helps. It's much easier and faster than using a carrot peeler to hand peel all those apples like I did when I canned apple pie filling

Granny is also excited about these adventures. Grandpa is too. He's decided he wants to come live with me now that I'm getting to be a better cook and learning how to can. 2,000 miles is a bit of a deal breaker--sorry Grandpa! 

I added brown sugar after the apples cooked down and a splash of cinnamon. Since my favorite way to eat apple sauce is on pork chops, I didn't want to add too much of the sweet stuff. After the mason jars were full, I added a little bit of regular white sugar to the top of each jar. 

I didn't can a lot since I wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting apples if I messed this up. Fortunately, I didn't mess anything up and it turned out great! I had half a pint left over to sample and it is delicious! 

I will definitely be canning more applesauce next year, as well as learning how to can jams and jellies. Let the fun continue!

For those of you who can, what was your favorite thing to can this summer?

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