Monday, February 9, 2015

You might be dating a farmer if...

Since Saturday is Valentines Day, I thought I'd gather a few thoughts about dating a farmer. Like any relationship, there are some tough times, but the wonderful ones far outnumber the bad. And who doesn't love spending time outside with animals or those awesome tractor dates?!

You might be dating a farmer if...
  1. First date questions revolve around how do you feel about GMOs and getting up in the middle of the night to chase cows when they get out.
  2. Date night during harvest means riding in the tractor or combine with your honey. (Tractor dates are my favorite!)
  3. The only pictures he ever texts you are of livestock, tractors and crops. 
  4. Going to the farm show sounds like an awesome idea.
  5. " aren't from here...planning on moving away again?" is a question you get on a regular basis. Farmers don't move. You have to be okay with that. (Starting over really isn't that bad, you'll be just fine!)

  1. A vacation means going to the young farmers conference for a day or two or visiting other farms. 
  2. Family is their top priority.
  3. You do laundry and find soybeans, corn or other random things in your dryer.
  4. You know to avoid planning anything during planting, harvest and hay season.
  5. A weekend date means going to the sales barn or a cow show. (Also fun!)
  6. Every date you're supposed to go on is cancelled because a cow is calving, the heifers are out, the milking pump didn't start, etc. 
  7. You met at World Dairy Expo, another cow show, a county/state fair or another farm-related event.
  8. Midnight calls don't consist of going to the bar. It's usually because cows are out.
  9. You know the best solution for dealing with stress is just to laugh. Shit happens. Literally. 
  10. You have to sometimes remind him to watch the road instead of his neighbor's field when driving. 
  11. Lunch dates involve bringing lunch to the field/barn...who has time to stop?!
  12. You stay up til 2 a.m. helping cover the bunker silo because it's going to rain.
  13. For quality time, you head to the barn to help him with chores. (It's more fun than it sounds)
  14. Driving around checking on crops is considered a date.
  15. Being late to events because a calf needed to be pulled is normal. 
  16. A clean pair of jeans and a clean shirt is considered dressing up.
  17. You consider World Dairy Expo a great honeymoon location.
Farm friends, what else would you add? Leave it in the comments!

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