Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beef FAQ: What do the cows do when it rains?

It's been a rainy week here in Indiana, which is a bit strange for Indiana. I joked that I got some Seattle weather for my birthday and I love it!!! 50 degrees and rainy is my idea of January weather. None of this cold white stuff.

So what do our cows think of the rain? They love it!! You'd think they would spend more time in the barn where they can stay dry, but they love being out in the field or laying in the field while it rains. It doesn't seem to bother them at all. Of course, it's not exactly cold...50 degrees is pretty mild.

With all that rain, it gets so muddy! We scrape the lot where the cows hang out between the barn, area with the water trough and the manger. We try to keep mud to a minimum, but the rain doesn't always make that easy. I took the photo above right before we scraped the lot to show how we manage the mud and rain that is Washington winters.

The grass doesn't grow much this time of year, so they spend more time at the manger eating grass hay that we make in the summer. For more about how we make hay, click here. We don't have automatic waterers like many farms do, so we have to check on it multiple times a day to make sure it's full so all the big and little cows can have access to it. This is especially important in the summer. My brother tries to keep it on a certain drip, but the faucet plays tricks on us and changes it.

Rain or shine, our cows are always having a good time.

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